Will you join me?

Will you join me? This journey I am going on will be to bring the Antithesis to a place where it can be a resource for people; a guide for those who feel lost in this world. Will you go with me to see what this can become? I am starting with nothing but the desire to share simple, honest, and humble thoughts on our world and dreams about how we can use the Gospel to make it better.

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, young or old,  liberal or conservative, Christian or not, know that you are welcome here. You won’t have to suspend your beliefs or ideologies, but you will have to be open to the possibility that what someone else has to say might bear some truth.

I want to have fun with this because we live in a dark world. I want this to be a place where we lift each other up, because so many people are out to tear us down. Through looking at current events in our society, I want to provide a voice that isn’t being heard. I want to share ways that we can make our churches better, and through them, make our society better.

So will you join me and see what we can accomplish together?



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