Well That Took A While

What is going on with us America? In the course of one weekend we leaped [is it leaped or lept? Autocorrect says that’s not a word, so leaped it is]  at the opportunity to yet again divide ourselves. We can do better.

Because of two men, the NFL became the epicenter of a growing debate over the heart of a nation. Colin Kapernick and Donald Trump now personify two very different images of the current United States of America….

I feel that I need to address some things. Firstly, I’m not good at this. I don’t know if you noticed but my last post, which was my first post, was three months ago. Even the beginning of this post originated probably over a week ago. Suffice to say that consistency is not my strength. At the same time, I am THAT guy at the Bible study who talks too much. If you don’t know what a Bible study is, just know that I have a lot to say. But I’m the person who is ready to go as soon as the question is asked. Sometimes I’ll behave and anxiously look around to see who else will talk so I don’t have to go first again. What is the acceptable length of awkward silence before someone can say something at these things?

Thoughts running rampant do no good if they only manifest once every three months. Here’s to a more hopeful future. And sorry about the total chaos of this post. I’m still trying to figure what this whole thing is about.


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