The Upper Room

maxresdefaultGo ahead. Call me a far out, foaming-at-the-mouth, fanatical, fundamentalist, but I can’t get enough of these guys. The Upper Room worship out of Dallas and Denver showed up on my Youtube feed a while back and have been playing ever since. Are they unorthodox? Sure. Overly expressive? Maybe. But there is one thing I do know; these people love to worship.

I’m as tone deaf as they come but the music sounds good. It’s more than just the sound of the music though. You probably get that with any decent sized congregation these days. No, this is something much more unique than talent on the guitar. These people have a first love to their worship. You can see that bubbly excitement that you get with a new romance. It’s reckless. It’s spontaneous.

Of course, I’m speaking from having very little exposure to the Upper Room. I would like to think that when these people gather they have a genuine experience. Because that’s the impression I get from their videos. This is also not a reflection on the entire church either. I have not visited them or listened to a sermon so I can’t endorse everything about the Upper Room because I simply don’t know. (please don’t jump to conclusions!)

“The music is so repetitive though! They sing the same thing over and over again.” Yep. I get that. And for that reason I might say that this isn’t for everyone. For me, I find something powerful in the repetition of words. I reflect on them. I chew them over until I really understand what they mean. As one song goes, “you’re never gonna let me down”. Okay, maybe you hear that the first time and think well that’s nice. When you hear the fifth time, you’re either annoyed or really considering the fact that God will never let you down. And you begin to believe it. It sinks down into the depths of who you are for those times when you will need to be reminded that God will never let you down.

Don’t think of this as a slight against those of you who are in the “annoyed” group. I get just as much out of a hymn as I do from this music. In the end the music is for God anyway.

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