the why


noun, plural antitheses [an-tithuh-seez] 

opposition; contrast:

the antithesis of right and wrong.

What the Antithesis about:

It is both complex and simple. The complex answer will come with time, but the simple answer is this: it exists to present the Gospel message to  this generation. Specifically, it is about engaging spheres of culture with a new message of hope and life. It says that we can do better. We must do better.

Why Antithesis:

When I look back at the life of Jesus, I see him as the antithesis to the religious characters of the day. So much of what he said stood in opposition to their words and their actions. Today is no different. On both sides of the political and moral spectrum there needs to be a different voice – one that will speak to both sides a different message. We need the other side to what we hear today.


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