Late night ramblings

I know I”m not perfect – far from it. I know I’m not special. But if there’s one thing I am, it is this; I am me. I can’t be anyone else. Even though I may want to be some else I can only be me. So what’s it going to be? I keep thinking about all these things I could do – all these great people I could become. I read all of these articles and listen to all of these podcasts about different ideas. Some of them are spiritual. Some are more ground in the Earth. But all of them involve bringing about some kind of change. You know, the movers and shakers.
I am in school. I get that. And yes, there may be a million different things that draw my attention. But right now me being me means being a student.


There is a question I like to ask myself not often enough. The question goes, “how do you eat an elephant?”

The answer: one bite at a time.

I’m sending this out there into the great unknown. I don’t know if you’re reading this. Does it matter? Hello, whoever you are. There are so many things I wish I could be right now, and one day I’ll get there.




We’ve all see the stories. Millennials are killing everything. In fact, when I went online to try and find examples, Business Insider had already compiled a list list for me. And wouldn’t you know it – napkins are on it. Now, I had already decided to talk about napkins before I saw that, but it does confirm that I’m not crazy (their conclusion for why people don’t use napkins was different anyway).

Why all this talk of napkins you ask? Because I had a revelation the other day. We have napkins in our house, but we don’t use them. I can’t recall the last time we set out napkins for a meal. I don’t even know why we have them in the house; probably for when we have company so we can look like we have it together. But here’s the thing. We do have it together, and we’re not dirty people.

When I was a kid, I remember that we always had napkins out at the table. And I think that’s where the disconnect lies. That was part of the routine of setting the table. We had napkins even though we didn’t really need them. But recent generations lived in a post-WWII peace and material bounty. And so, what millennials today perceive to be superfluous possessions, took on a sacrosanct status.

As I dwelled on this generational divide, I overheard a conversation that fit this thread. A faculty member chided a student over umbrellas. In the end, he couldn’t fathom why this student wouldn’t use an umbrella. I’m in the same boat on this. I own multiple umbrellas, but the only time I have used them in the past year was to seem courteous to our AirBnb guest.

It’s not even that napkins are a luxury item that millennials can’t afford. People today just don’t consider material goods to be as much of a priority as people did in the past. It could be napkins, umbrellas, fabric softener, or diamonds and cars. Big and small, people choose to spend their money on something they can experience and directly interact with.

It’s so funny that it’s this small, seemingly insignificant thing. Who cares? Maybe not you, but that’s just it. Why should people care if we use umbrellas – or napkins for that matter?

The Upper Room

maxresdefaultGo ahead. Call me a far out, foaming-at-the-mouth, fanatical, fundamentalist, but I can’t get enough of these guys. The Upper Room worship out of Dallas and Denver showed up on my Youtube feed a while back and have been playing ever since. Are they unorthodox? Sure. Overly expressive? Maybe. But there is one thing I do know; these people love to worship.

I’m as tone deaf as they come but the music sounds good. It’s more than just the sound of the music though. You probably get that with any decent sized congregation these days. No, this is something much more unique than talent on the guitar. These people have a first love to their worship. You can see that bubbly excitement that you get with a new romance. It’s reckless. It’s spontaneous.

Of course, I’m speaking from having very little exposure to the Upper Room. I would like to think that when these people gather they have a genuine experience. Because that’s the impression I get from their videos. This is also not a reflection on the entire church either. I have not visited them or listened to a sermon so I can’t endorse everything about the Upper Room because I simply don’t know. (please don’t jump to conclusions!)

“The music is so repetitive though! They sing the same thing over and over again.” Yep. I get that. And for that reason I might say that this isn’t for everyone. For me, I find something powerful in the repetition of words. I reflect on them. I chew them over until I really understand what they mean. As one song goes, “you’re never gonna let me down”. Okay, maybe you hear that the first time and think well that’s nice. When you hear the fifth time, you’re either annoyed or really considering the fact that God will never let you down. And you begin to believe it. It sinks down into the depths of who you are for those times when you will need to be reminded that God will never let you down.

Don’t think of this as a slight against those of you who are in the “annoyed” group. I get just as much out of a hymn as I do from this music. In the end the music is for God anyway.

Well That Took A While

What is going on with us America? In the course of one weekend we leaped [is it leaped or lept? Autocorrect says that’s not a word, so leaped it is]  at the opportunity to yet again divide ourselves. We can do better.

Because of two men, the NFL became the epicenter of a growing debate over the heart of a nation. Colin Kapernick and Donald Trump now personify two very different images of the current United States of America….

I feel that I need to address some things. Firstly, I’m not good at this. I don’t know if you noticed but my last post, which was my first post, was three months ago. Even the beginning of this post originated probably over a week ago. Suffice to say that consistency is not my strength. At the same time, I am THAT guy at the Bible study who talks too much. If you don’t know what a Bible study is, just know that I have a lot to say. But I’m the person who is ready to go as soon as the question is asked. Sometimes I’ll behave and anxiously look around to see who else will talk so I don’t have to go first again. What is the acceptable length of awkward silence before someone can say something at these things?

Thoughts running rampant do no good if they only manifest once every three months. Here’s to a more hopeful future. And sorry about the total chaos of this post. I’m still trying to figure what this whole thing is about.


Will you join me?

Will you join me? This journey I am going on will be to bring the Antithesis to a place where it can be a resource for people; a guide for those who feel lost in this world. Will you go with me to see what this can become? I am starting with nothing but the desire to share simple, honest, and humble thoughts on our world and dreams about how we can use the Gospel to make it better.

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, young or old,  liberal or conservative, Christian or not, know that you are welcome here. You won’t have to suspend your beliefs or ideologies, but you will have to be open to the possibility that what someone else has to say might bear some truth.

I want to have fun with this because we live in a dark world. I want this to be a place where we lift each other up, because so many people are out to tear us down. Through looking at current events in our society, I want to provide a voice that isn’t being heard. I want to share ways that we can make our churches better, and through them, make our society better.

So will you join me and see what we can accomplish together?